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XXTERRA is an herbal formulation of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride solution, combined and stirred into a smooth brown paste. Bloodroot contains sanguinarine (the primary component), chelarathrine and protopine, all of which are alkaloids. Accordingly, XXTERRA is a topical equine cosmetic skin cream for veterinary use. Formulation contains bloodroot and zinc chloride. Directions: Apply to sarcoid once daily for 4 days. Rest for 10-20 days. Repeat process if tumor has not sloughed. Bandaging: if possible bandage area after application and check in 5-7 days. Repeat process if needed. May require additional applications. Note: If sarcoid is located by cartilage in ear, a hole could occur. XXTERRA is not harmful to normal flesh. If product contacts skin or eyes, rinse with water.


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