Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel (4 fl oz)


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Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel (4 fl oz)Works fast and naturally to help reduce plaque and tartar on dogs and cats – no toothbrush required. A proprietary blend of natural, holistic ingredients produce a healthy oral environment. Kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Soothes minor gum irritations. Cleans without brushing Removes plaque and tartar Helps maintain healthy gums Easy to use gel Great for both cats & dogs 4 oz gel bottle Directions: Teeth gel: Apply teeth gel directly to the teeth with plaque and tartar build up. Apply once daily in the evening. You will soon notice your pet licking their lips repeatedly. This is normal and helps the gel mix with the saliva and coat all surfaces of your pet’s teeth. For maximum effect, withhold food and water for 30 minutes before and after treatment. Begins removing plaque and tartar immediately when used as directed. Tooth brushing is not necessary but will speed up the removal of softened plaque and tartar. Ordinarily after 30 days application can be reduced to 2 times per week for regular maintenance.


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