Thomas Pet C-BRIGHT (1 fl oz)


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C Bright does more than just help soothe their eyes; it goes deeper to help against the underlying issues. These cat and dog eye drops contain vitamin C and zinc to help support capillary health in the eye, maintain and support normal visual function, and promote long-term ocular health. Lots of things can frustrate our furry friends, but there’s an easy way to help them with this frustration. With C Bright, you can give them the support they need to be back making puppy-dog eyes at you in no time. Everyone’s eyes get a little itchy from time to time, and Thomas Labs understands that our dog and cat friends are no exception. But what can you do if your cat or dog has red, itchy eyes? C Bright from Thomas Pet to the rescue. These soothing eye drops for dogs and cats help clean, lubricate, and provide temporary relief of discomfort from minor eye irritation. They are formulated to provide relief from dry, red, irritated, or itchy eyes due to normal environmental irritants, pollen, or foreign materials. Key Benefits: Soothing, Cleansing, and Lubricating Eye Drops for Dogs and Cats Supports Normal Visual Function and Ocular Health Helps with Itching and Irritation Due to Normal Environmental Factors Contains Vitamin C and Zinc to Help Support Capillary Health in the Eye


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