Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care 30 Caps by Garden of Life

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Raw Probiotics is a unique line of highpotency Raw whole food probiotics that are age and genderspecific. Unlike isolated strains of probiotics Raw Probiotics offers all the benefits of a true ?food? probiotic with a recordsetting 30+ probiotic strains. So it?s not just isolated bacteria in a pill Raw Probiotics is a wholefood probiotic that emulates eating fermented food. Made with mainly Bulgarian yogurt concentrate Wild European kefir grains and scobies and concentrated clinically studied probiotics strains Raw Probiotics is created below 40? F and 30% humidity so that what you see on the label is what you get in the bottle. Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care promotes yeast balance vaginal and urinary tract health. Maintaining a healthy bacterial balance promotes vaginal and urinary tract health. Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care is a highpotency Raw whole food probiotic formula containing a proprietary Vaginal Care Blend featuring eight probiotic strains providing meaningful vaginal and urinary tract health support. Raw means our probiotics are uncooked untreated unadulterated with no binders or fillers and no carriers.


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