PX Probiotic 60 Softgels by Finaflex

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30 Servings. 10 B CFU. 2 Stages. 2 Stage Probiotic Weight Loss. Weight Loss Targeted Probiotics. Sequential Delivery Technology. Continuous Energy for Hours. Finaflex PX Probiotic Is The Next Generation In Energy And Weight Loss Supplementation. Featuring A Unique Sequential Dual Stage Delivery Technology (DuoCap) Separates PX Probiotic Form Other Weight Management Products On The Market Today. Stage 1 Features A Thermogenic Energy Matrix That Delivers The Energy, Focus And Appetite Suppression Needed To Get You Through The Day. Stage 2 Is Powered By Probiotic 10b, A Trifecta Of Robust Weight Loss Targeted Probiotics That Help Promote Healthy Body Composition. Unlike Other Probiotic Products That Get Destroyed In The Stomach, The PX Probiotic Formula Is Powered By DuoCap, Ensuring That Probiotic 10b Is Delivered To The Small Intestine, Maximizing Uptake And Absorption. Use PX Probiotic Daily To Help You Redefine Yourself.


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