Ora-Clens Dual Ended Toothbrush


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Ora-Clens Dual Ended Toothbrush was designed to meet the brushing and dental needs of dogs and cats. Each end features a brush that is a different size to ensure that dogs and cats of all sizes have an appropriate brush. The toothbrush is also long and slender to ensure that it easily reaches even the farthest molars in your pet’s mouth without causing undue discomfort. This toothbrush is flexible and lightweight to ensure that brushing your pet’s teeth is a simple task. The toothbrush also features a design pattern of raised paws for a simple but fun decorative flair. Use the brushes with Ora-Clens Dental Gel Toothpaste for comprehensive dental care. Key Features: Contains two brushes of varying sizes for both cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds Slender, light-weight, and long for reaching difficult spots and cleaning easily Raised paw print decorations For Use In: Dogs and Cats


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