Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock Lotion Spf 110 3 oz by Neutrogena

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Superior balanced protection against both types of harmful rays, with a true breakthrough in sunscreen technology. The oil-free lotion with Helioplex works two ways to protect skin: 1. Helps screen out UVB burning rays. 2. Helps stop UVA skin aging rays from penetrating surface layers for exceptional deep cellular protection. The sheer formula helps combat sun-induced free-radical damage that can accelerate the signs of aging. Skin conditioners hydrate and replenish. The beautiful, lightweight lotion absorbs quickly into skin for a fresh, non-greasy feel. It protects and cares for your skin to help maintain skins youthful appearance every time you wear it. Oil and PABA free. Non-greasy feel. Non-comedogenic (wont clog pores). Waterproof and sweatproof.


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