Mass Reloaded Chocolate 6 lbs by Betancourt Nutrition

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All In One Advanced Muscle Mass Gainer. Triple Release Protein Matrix, Whey-Egg-Casein. 1270 Calories. 50g Protein. 24g EAAs. 11.6g BCAAs. 7.36g Glutamine. 5.6g Leucine. 25 Vitamins and Minerals. Reloaded With 1270 Calories, 50g Protein, 24g Of EAAs, 11.6g BCAAs, 7.3g Of Glutamine, 5.6g Leucine, 253g Of Carbohydrates And 25 Vitamins And Minerals Per Serving! Featuring A Triple Whey-Egg-Casein Protein Complex Designed To Provide Sustained Amino Acid Delivery To Feed Muscles For Up To 7 Hours. Scientifically engineered and Reloaded with the World’s Most Impactful Muscle Building Nutrients Needed by Your Body In Order To Create Extraordinary Muscle Mass.


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