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Stand out from the crowd! This Insta Slim V-neck t-shirt is a unique short sleeve compression shirt with contrast stitching for added appeal that can be worn underneath clothing or on its own as a top to an outfit. This men s shirt is made with the latest slimming technology material that will make you look up to 5 slimmer in your waist instantly. Choose from six prominent colors and all sizes for adult men in this style. This slimming shirt with the contrasting stitching adds an extra sense of texture to an otherwise smooth and sleek top. Add this high-end compression v-neck to your wardrobe today and we can assure you that you ll want to wear it regularly.Benefits:* Slim your body instantly* Firm and tone your upper torso * Support your lower back * Eliminate your love handles * Slim your belly * Improve your posture* Single layer compression allows for 24 hour use, even while sleeping * Comfortable and discreet under clothing* Our exclusive fabric designed just for Insta Slim* 72% nylon, 28% spandex* Proudly made in the USA* Machine washable* and so much moreThis compression t-shirt is made of a special blend of 72% nylon, 28% spandex fibers, making the garment comfortable to wear all day, every day. Can be worn for work or play, as an under garment or outerwear, to exercise and or enjoy a night out on the town. Must have for the man that always wants to look his very best.


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