Horses Prefer Tryptophan Plus Gel (32 ml)


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Horses Prefer Tryptophan Plus Gel is formulated with nutrients that are essential to energy production and performance in horses. It also works to keep your horse hydrated and calm, making it ideal for competitions and suitable for other stressful situations, such as a visit to the veterinarian. The gel can be fed directly to your horse and features an appetizing apple flavor. Horses Prefer Trytophan Plus Gel comes in a 32ml syringe-style dispenser that makes administration simple. This supplement is manufactured in the USA to ensure that it’s safe for your horse. Trytophan Plus Gel is useful for any horse and easy to use so order it now to calm, energize or hydrate your horse! Key Features: Containes antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that hydrate, energize, and calm horse Come sin sryringe with apple flavor for easy administration Manufactured in USA


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