Healthy Hide Triple Flavor Chews Mini Bones (7 pack)


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Healthy Hide Triple Flavor Chews Mini Bones are made with rawhide and prime cuts of meat in a treat that your dog will love. Triple Flavor Chews wraps choice cuts of high grade beef, pork and chicken around small rawhide bones to make for a chew treat that provides long-lasting pleasure. Like other rawhide treats, these chews promote dental health by scraping away tartar and plaque and stimulating your dogs gums. These all-natural gourmet dog treats are preferred 38:1 over other leading beefhide chews. This package comes with 7 Mini Bones and comes in a resealable bag to preserve freshness. Dogs love these delicious treats so order some for your dog today! Key Features: Made from palatable rawhide and real, high-quality beef, pork and chicken Promote dental wellness for both teeth and gums Removes plaque and tartar and freshens breath


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