Healthy Hide American Beefhide Natural Bone 7″


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American Beefhide Natural Bone is an all-natural, long-lasting beefhide chew that your dog will love.This chew is made from top quality rawhide for a delicious flavor. The treat is also great for your dog’s dental hygiene, as chewing on rawhide treats scrapes away plaque and tartar and stimulates your dog’s gums to prevent diseases like gingivitis. The bones are also made from beef hides of cows that were raised here in America American Beefhide Natural Bone is veterinarian approved for providing dental hygiene to dogs and can act as a great supplement to brushing or other dental care products. Beefhide Bones are a great way to keep your dog entertained and healthy, so order one for your pooch today! Key Features: All-natural, long-lasting bone Made from American beef hide Promotes dental health


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