Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo 8.5 oz by Ecco Bella Botanicals

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The Safe Shopper’s Bible gives this shampoo and conditioner its highest rating in the dandruff shampoo category. Essential oils of neem and green tea help relieve the itching and flaking.. . . . A luxurious shampoo and hair conditioner that also relieves the itchy, flaky scalp problem that plagues us. They contain no chemicals that may cause irritation, instead we use Neem, a herbal therapy from the neem tree in India, referred to as the village pharmacy for its ability to improve the condition of the scalp. Neem is a traditional antibacterial and antifungal that relieves all types of skin ailments. Also, Organic safflower oil and soy proteins provide protection & body. Biotin, inositol and panthenol are B vitamins that improve hair flexibility, helps avoid blow-drying damage and reduce split ends. Glycerine plumps and smoothes, organic herbs beautify and protect. Essential oils of cedarwood, fir, rosemary, lavender, juniper, ginger rev up the roots, balance, and deep cleanse.Its PH is 5.5 for superior condit