Clenz-a-dent Mouth Rinse/Water Additive 250 ml (8.4 oz)


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CLENZ-A-DENT RF2 Water Additive/Mouth Rinse is a palatable and refreshing solution for the reduction of plaque and bad breath in dogs and cats. CLENZ-A-DENT RF2 contains a unique patented ingredient. RF2 breaks down the biofilm made by bacteria present in the mouth. Biofilm is the first step to plaque and tartar build-up. Therefore CLENZ-A-DENT RF2 disrupts the formation of biofilm and thus prevents plaque build-up and tartar. Dental plaque, tartar build up, gingivitis, bad breath… They all threaten your pet’s teeth. Sogeval offers dental products to maintain good oral health in dogs and cats. Clenz-a-dent Water Additive and Mouth Rinse is the easiest way to give your pet a daily dose of the anti-biofilm agent RF2! RF2 also restores the mouth’s natural bacterial balance. The combined actions of RF2 on tartar build-up and bacterial balance help fight bad breath. This 2-in-1 product can be used either as a mouth rinse or as water additive. In addition to the anti-plaque effect, Clenz-a-dent Water Additive / Mouth Rinse is mint flavored for an immediate breath freshening effect. Clenz-a-dent Water Additive / Mouth Rinse is palatable, even for cats! The Clenz-a-Dent products contain a unique active ingredient called RF2. RF2 is from vegetable origin and has been selected for its activity against the biofilm. RF2 can result in a 70% reduction of the biofilm.