Active Sunscreen-SPF40 3 oz by True Natural

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We know what you are looking for a sunscreen that provides maximum protection, goes on clear, contains safe ingredients, and is suitable for use by the whole family.We use zinc oxide for the highest protection from UVA / UVB rays. Zinc is also the safest form of sunscreen, over chemical sunscreens, and is effective immediately upon application. High-Performance SPF 40 ACTIVE offers serious sun protection, safe for use by the whole family.Natural mineral sunscreen provides the most effective protection against damaging UV rays, including UVA rays. High-Performance SPF 40 ACTIVE is made with an innovative new non-nano zinc oxide which blocks both UVA / UVB rays and leaves behind no white residue.High-Performance SPF 40 ACTIVE quickly absorbs into skin and is not greasy. Antioxidant-packed anti-aging ingredients offer hydration and rejuvenation while protecting the skin. Cupuacu butter restores elasticity to skin, and soothes irritation and inflammation. Aloe vera lends a protective layer to skin, shielding it from harmful environmental factors. Cocoa butter is rich in Vitamin E to hydrate and boost collagen. And Jojoba is the oil most closely matched to the skin’s own sebum and provides light, balancing moisture.