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CuttingEdgeVitamins® (CEV) Delivering high quality vitamins/skincare/pet care/ cosmetics and more since 2001. We partnered with some off the most trusted Brands in the industry. We are continually expanding our inventory to bring you what you want and at prices you can afford. Through our Merchants we currently offers over 50,000 products from over 1000 nationally renowned manufacturers. We’ve made your shopping experience simple here at CuttingEdgeVitamins®, where you’ll find an extensive selection of top national brands at the lowest prices, guaranteed

Why Take Vitamins?

Before you make any choice, consider why you’re taking a multivitamin or supplement in the first place. You might fall into certain categories of people who need supplements because they can’t meet their nutritional needs through diet alone. This would be people who are on a low-calorie or calorie-restricted diet, or people with food restrictions like vegetarians or those with celiac disease. There are also people who have increased nutritional needs, such as women who are pregnant or patients who are recovering from sickness or injury.

Looking at the Market

It’s important to remember there is no standard for dietary supplements. The Food and Drug Administration does not approve supplements for safety or efficacy before they hit the market, although it does set Good Manufacturing Practices, which encompass requirements for preparation and storage of supplements.

Even if you see the words “standardized,” “verified” or “certified,” you can’t take anything for granted — these words are not regulated by U.S. law and do not guarantee product quality or consistency, according to the National Institutes of Health.

cuttingedgeSupplements include vitamins and minerals, but they can also encompass other things like herbs, botanicals, amino acids and enzymes. They might come in the form of tablets or capsules, or you can buy them as a powder, a pre-mixed drink and even energy bars. All supplements are required to have a Supplement Facts label spelling out all their contents and ingredients, including fillers, binders and flavorings.

When you’re on the hunt for a good multivitamin, there are certain products out there that are marketed for specific demographics based on age or gender. A men’s multivitamin might be lower in iron than a woman’s multivitamin, which would have extra iron as well as extra calcium.

onlineMultivitamins marketed toward seniors would have less iron and vitamin K but extra vitamin B12 and vitamin D. While you’re seeking the best vitamin brands, try to find a company that makes a product that’s right for your specific needs.

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